VIP Membership Information

VIP Membership Information

The KittenSightings VIP Membership was started as a way for 20-30 people to get a sneak peak at coming items coming to the KittenSightings’ Store.  In all honesty it was also a way to create a little more business for our store when it was much smaller.  However, we’re past those days and the KS VIP Membership has taken a life of its own.

The VIP Program is simply a way for those who wish to get extra chances to grab the same gear that goes into the Public Store, and to get a discount on the gear they purchase often.

VIP Members simply get a few items in the VIP Store 30 minutes before the public release, and do not have access to a fully stocked separate store.   There is also once a month releases of around 8-10 items in the VIP Store that eventually make their way to the public store if not purchased by a VIP Member.

The VIP Members get the same type and quality gear that goes into the Public Store, they just simply get extra chances at purchasing it.



We’re sorry to say that 2017 is going to mark the end of the VIP Memberships.

The VIP Memberships started as a way to help those who really wanted KS Gear have a better chance at getting it.  At one point, it felt like it was the only way to get any of our gear.  This was something we never enjoyed, so we worked on expanding our workforce and the amount of gear we created.

In 2015 we found ourselves with far more VIP Members then we could ever hope to cater to, and moved the system to a year by year model and added discounts, sneak peaks, and a website to try and give people more for their money.

We even added tiered memberships and introduced custom items to give those who truly wanted something unique a way to get it.

Throughout the years we have finally been able to keep up with demand and have a shop that is not constantly sold out.  Though some items may still be hard to get, it is no longer impossible to purchase a pair of KS Ears or a KS Collar.  This is something we strove to finally reach and are happy to have done so.

If you look at our store today, the demand is for gear and not for anything extra.  As we are a small team, updating websites and creating custom gear takes away from making the gear people so badly want.  And as we have no been the greatest at keeping those websites updated and delivering custom items on time, we want to move back to focusing solely on making regular gear.

Now with our focus on that gear, less demand for paid extras, and finally reaching a point where every release does not sell out, it seems the VIP Membership has become unneeded.  Many items that are placed in the VIP Store and the VIP Release quietly end up going into the Public Store to be purchased there.  With far more items being purchased in the Public Store, it seems insensitive to  charge people money to get the same gear you can now easily get in the Public Store.

We also decided to end the program a few months early instead of waiting until the end of the year.  Instead of charging a small fee for new VIP Members through the rest of the year (which would be unfair to current Members), and creating hype by posting the program will shut down in a few months, we thought it would be better to quietly close it down.  The last thing we want to do is create demand for a product that will be ultimately disappointing for those simply buying into the hype.

Thank you all so much for your support of the VIP Program in the past, and we’re very sorry if any of you will miss it.  We never wanted to excluded anyone from getting gear that they love,  and we are finally in a position where we can do that.  We hope that you all enjoyed the program while it lasted, and are able to purchase gear that you’ll love in the future.